Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

How To Make a Good Relationship

To know how to make a goood partnership in family life is a must. It can keep the family always together ever after.  It is not really difficult to maintain it, but to keep it is difficult. We need our consistency to keep our relationship well and become an Everlasting Family.
There are some tips for us to make a good partnership:
1.      Respect
In family life, we need to respect our partner. If there is no respectful in the family, it will make the family feel like a hell. Try to respect what our partner wants and if we don’t agree, we can give an advice so that our partner understands us.

2.       Patient
As a family, there will be many problems we face. If the problems come, try to give a time to our partner to relax. It can make our partner feels comfortable while the problem is still being faced. We also need to be patient to solve the problem.

3.      Understand
Learn how to understand each other is an obligation. Understanding each other is very important in a family life. If we can’t understand our partner, obviously our family will be broken.
Try to understand the tasks of each other. After getting married, we are not an individual anymore. The husband must be a family leader to lead the family in harmony.

4.      Thank You
It is just a simple thing, but it has a huge effect. “Thank you” can make someone feel that he/she is respected by other. It also happens in a family life. Our partner will be very happy if we say Thank You after she/he did something for us.  If our partner happy, our love will be bigger.

5.      I love You
Our prophet Muhammad SAW has told us in Hadith to always say “LOVE” to our partner. Many people forget to say LOVE to their partner. They don’t realize the power of word LOVE to keep the family in harmony.

6.      Don’t be Su’udzon
The problems will always be faced. If there is something suspicious, we should talk openly. It is not good if we only keep the feeling in the heart. It can hurt us. It is most important that we have a heart to heart talk with our partner.

7.      Together in worship
It is a nice tip. The last tip is very helpful to create a harmony in the family. If we have time try once to do the worship together, like Shalat, read AlQur’an. Insya Allah we can get Rahmat from Allah if we can make an Islamic environment in our family.

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